Transient Students

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You are responsible for meeting any registration and fee payment deadlines at the host school. The host school is not required to offer you the option of deferred payment even though you have financial aid.

Enrollment Requirements

In order to receive financial aid as a transient student, you must be enrolled at least half-time at an approved university or college. This can be a combination of credit hours enrolled at UF and transient hours.

Per federal regulations, financial aid cannot be approved for non-required coursework. This is determined by your academic adviser and is reflected on your Florida Shines Transient Student Admission Application.

Approved transient courses and course numbers must match your actual enrollment or they will not be eligible for financial aid.

Type of Award Required Hours for Undergrads Required Hours for Grad Students
Private Scholarships 12 Credit Hrs.* 9 Credit hrs.
FSAG 12 Credit Hrs. N/A
Pell Grant 12 Credit Hrs.** N/A
FL Bright Futures 6 Credit Hrs. N/A
SEOG/Turner Grant 6 Credit Hrs. N/A
Direct Loans (inc. PLUS) 6 Credit Hrs. 5 Credit Hrs.

* Private scholarships will be released with less than 12 credit hours for undergrads and 9 credit hours for graduates ONLY if the donor sends a letter to SFA authorizing the release of funds with less than full-time enrollment.
** Pell Grants may be released with less than 12 credit hours; however, the award amount will be reduced. Enrollment for 9 to 11 credit hours will reduce these awards by twenty-five percent; enrollment for 6 to 8 credit hours will reduce these awards by fifty percent.

State of Florida Colleges and Universities

If you are attending a Florida school, you will need to complete a Transient Student Admission Application through Florida Shines.
Your enrollment information will be received electronically.

Remember to answer “yes” to the following questions on the Transient Student Admission Application or it will not be received by, nor processed, for financial aid.

  1. Have you been approved to receive financial aid and do you intend to use it for the requested course(s)?
  2. Do you want to proceed with the Transient Student Admission Application if you or any of the requested courses are not approved for financial aid?

If you answer “no” to the questions above, you will be required to complete a new Transient Student Admission Application.

Private Florida and Out of State Institutions

If you are attending a private Florida school or out of state institution, you are required to provide the following 3 documents:

All forms and documents must be dated and signed after the Drop/Add period of all institutions attended during the term.

  1. A transient form from the UF Office of the Registrar.
    Your transient form must include sections completed by your Academic Advisor, Home Institution Registrar, Prep Advisor, and Transcript Evaluator. Once all sections have been completed and signed, you must submit a copy to the University of Florida Office for Student Financial Affairs.
  2. An official certification of enrollment from the Registrar at your host school.
    NOTE: A fee statement for your class schedule is not certification of enrollment.
  3. A copy of your class schedule for the semester in which you have enrolled at the host school.

Documents may be submitted in either of the following ways, but must always include your UFID:
• Mail
University of Florida
Office for Student Financial Affairs
ATTN: Transient Coordinator
P.O. Box 114025
Gainesville, FL 32611-4025
• Fax
ATTN: Transient Coordinator

Financial Aid Disbursements

All transient aid is contingent on the student meeting standard requirements such as Satisfactory Academic Progress, completing Verification if requested and sufficient approved hours to be eligible for aid.

For Florida Prepaid, please contact the Bursars office at the Host school.

After all documentation has been received, your financial aid will be awarded and disbursed via direct deposit. If you have any questions, please contact our office at or by phone at (352) 392-1275.

Transient Transcripts and Financial Aid

For those students the University of Florida has received an enrollment certification and corresponding Transient Student Admission Application, the University of Florida will automatically request a transcript from your Host school at the end of the term.

For those attending a private Florida or out of state institution, you will need to request the transcript be sent to the University of Florida yourself upon completion of your classes.

If a transcript is not received for the transient courses, you may be asked to repay some or all of your financial aid.

Upon completion of classes, university regulations require that you request an official copy of your transcript be sent to: University of Florida, Transfer Credit Evaluation, PO Box 114000, Gainesville, FL 32611-4000. You may ask that the transcript be sent electronically if the other Florida institution participates in the electronic transfer program.