Report Outside Resources

Report Outside Resources Early

You are legally required to keep SFA informed of all resources you receive.

Students should use https://student.ufl.eduONE.UF to report any outside resources not already listed on their award letters, using  the “Additional Aid Reporting” link, within “Awards & Disbursements” for the correct academic year.

Other sources might include: scholarships, fellowships, tuition fee waivers, Florida Prepaid, private or state scholarships, veterans’ benefits, or any other assistance through an agency or UF office other than aid awarded to you by SFA. Timely notification of any outside resources that you might receive will allow SFA to take these monies into account as soon as possible.

If you receive any such outside aid, your award letter should list that aid. If you are receiving aid which is not specifically listed on your award letter, SFA may have to adjust your award. Certain programs require repayment of aid you receive that is in excess of your demonstrated eligibility for aid.

Report outside resources early. Don’t find yourself in a situation of having to repay funds when you can’t afford it.