Below is a list of financial aid videos that can be found throughout the UF Student Financial Affairs website. the SFA YouTube Channel for our complete video library.

Videos about applying for aid with the 2024-25 FAFSA:

View this video on YouTube for Financial Aid With the FAFSA® Form


View this video on YouTube and Access Your Account


View this video on YouTube Information Required To Complete the FAFSA® Form


View this video on YouTube and Prepare FAFSA® Form Contributors

SFA Financial Aid Videos

View this video on YouTube“How the Florida Prepaid Plan and Bright Futures Scholarship Work Together at UF”

View this video on YouTube“2022-23 Financial Aid Petitions”

View this video on YouTube“Chomping Change: Managing your Finances in College”

View this video on YouTube“2023-24 Financial Aid: What’s Next?”

View video on YouTube“Financial Wellness – Financially Fit”.

View video on YouTube“Student Authorization to Release Financial Information” form instructions’s Story – View on YouTube’s Story – View on YouTube