Financial Literacy

What Is Financial Literacy, and Why is it important?

Financial literacy is the ability to understand the basics of finance. More specifically, financial literacy is the skillset necessary to make informed, effective decisions about personal finance, debt, and saving.

Students beginning their college life are often dealing with issues of credit, their credit history, and debt for the first time. Mishandling personal finances at this early stage of life can result in early damage to a student’s credit rating, the consequences of which can last for years. Wellness

Financial wellness is the ability to have a healthy financial life. Financial wellness allows you to have control over day-to-day and month-to-month finances; have the capacity to absorb an emergency or financial crisis; are on track to meet your financial goals; and have the financial freedom to make the choices that allow you to enjoy life.


As part of our mission to prepare students for financial success, SFA presents a series of workshops throughout the year highlighting best practices in the area of personal finance. Keep an eye on our feed, our feed, or our page for dates and times. Theft Prevention

Student are, statistically speaking, relatively frequent users of credit cards, and as a result, are at a higher risk of identity theft and credit card fraud. Approximately 31% of identity theft victims are between the ages of 18 and 29. Our Theft Prevention page has more information about identity theft and how to prevent it. Tools

SFA presents a library of useful literacy tools, including financial calculators, checklists, and worksheets.

Additional information on Management is available. on receiving financial aid funds, credit management and budgeting your money.


Through a partnership with CashCourse, an independent, nonprofit foundation, SFA strives to educate students on a broad range of financial topics while empowering them to make positive and sound decisions to reach their financial goals. Please explore http://www.cashcourse.org CashCourse. Registration, which is free, is required.