Enrollment Requirements

Most aid programs require students to be enrolled at least half-time; however, due to limited funds, priority is given to full-time students.

Federal Pell Grants and Florida Bright Futures awards are prorated according to enrollment status. Students who enroll less than full-time may have their aid adjusted after the drop/add period.
Pell Grant awards are calculated at the end of drop/add. The amount of the award is based upon the student’s registration at that time.

Please refer to the following chart for minimum enrollment eligibility requirements.


Classification Fall/Spring Summer
Undergraduate/Postbaccalaureate 12 12
Graduate 9 8
Law 10 5


Classification Fall/Spring Summer
Undergraduate/Postbaccalaureate 6 6
Graduate 5 4
Law 5 3

The exception to the above enrollment requirements are students with following class/college classifications 1MD, 2MD, 3MD, 4MD, 1DN, 2DN, 3DN, 4DN, 1VM, 2VM, 3VM, 4VM.