Study Abroad

The University of Florida encourages you to participate in the study abroad experience and considers it a valuable part of your college career. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFA) and the UF International Center Study Abroad Services work together to coordinate the financial aspect of your participation in overseas programs.

Through the Center, Study Abroad Services offers a full range of opportunities and programs from which to choose. They help you through every part of the process, from advising to application, to assisting you while abroad, and helping them when they return.

Beginning the Process

If you are interested in participating in an overseas program should plan on attending one of the two annual Study Abroad fairs offered by the UFIC. They are offered each September and January. The fair is a great place to explore the programs available at UF, as well as a great chance to speak with a representative who is familiar with the various programs.

With so many programs to choose from, you should visit Abroad | International Center at the University of Florida. You should also meet with a Study Abroad Services adviser to familiarize themselves with programs that might interest them. You can also sign up for Information Sessions. See their for dates and times.

If you are participating in a study abroad program, you should download the Aid Study Abroad Checklist to make sure everything is completed before your program and ensure timely disbursement of your aid.

Study Abroad and Financial Aid

Once you have selected your program, you will need to carefully examine your financial aid options. You are strongly encouraged to contact the OneStop to explore your funding options.

SFA will use the budget for your selected program to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Should you participate in a university-approved program, you may use awards from federal aid programs, state aid programs, and from UF grant and scholarship programs. However, are the primary source most use for funding the additional cost for study abroad.

SFA Study Abroad Policy

The following guidelines will be used when awarding financial aid for an approved University of Florida study abroad program.

  1. Awards will be made in accordance with applicable financial aid program guidelines.
  2. You must meet all application deadlines established by both the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFA) and the Study Abroad Office if you are requesting financial aid to do so. If you are enrolled in a study abroad program approved for credit by UF. You will have that enrollment used in determining your enrollment status at UF for the purpose of applying for assistance under Title IV [34 C.F.R. § 668.43(a)(9)].
  3. Federal Direct Loans and/or Federal Direct PLUS Loans will be the primary funds used to assist you in participating in overseas studies programs. Campus-based funds awarded to on-time applicants to meet their standard UF cost of attendance may be supplemented with the federal loan program funds.

Enrollment Requirements

Eligibility for the disbursement of scholarships or other types of aid while participating in a UF-approved program, must meet the following minimum-enrollment requirements during the semester you are studying overseas:

Type of Award Required Hours for Undergrads Required Hours for Grad Students
Private Scholarships 1 Credit Hr. 1 Credit Hr.
FSAG 12 Credit Hrs.* N/A
Pell Grant 12 Credit Hrs.* N/A
FL Bright Futures 6 Credit Hrs. N/A
All Other Grants 6 Credit Hrs. 5 Credit Hrs.
Direct Loans (inc. PLUS) 6 Credit Hrs. 5 Credit Hrs.
* Pell Grants and FSAG may be released with less than 12 credit hours; however, the award amount will be reduced.

Financial Aid and Disbursements for Study Abroad Programs

The start date of your program will determine when your aid is disbursed.  If your program is scheduled to start later than the end of Drop/Add, your aid will be held until closer to your program’s start date.

  • Disbursement of aid for students who have completed all federal requirements and are enrolled full-time, will begin the first week of classes for aid programs such as loans and private scholarships.
  • If you are enrolled less than full-time, your financial aid (including loans) will be held until after the end of the Drop/Add period.

Grants and Scholarships

  • The following programs will begin disbursing after UF Drop/Add.
    • Florida Bright Futures Scholarships
    • Florida Student Assistance Grant
    • Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarships
    • Benacquisto Scholarships
    • Children of Deceased and Disabled Veterans
    • Federal Pell Grant

Changes to enrollment at any time can affect your financial aid disbursement.

Scholarship Renewals and Later Aid Disbursements

At the end of your program, be sure to request your transcript be sent to UFIC.  Please have all transcripts sent in an original, sealed envelope to the address below:

UF Study Abroad Services
ATTN: Transcript Processing
1765 Stadium Road
170 Hub (PO Box 113225)
Gainesville, FL, USA 32611-3225

Scholarships such as Bright Futures require reporting grades and hours for renewal.  Late transcripts may cause a delay in this renewal process.

A formal review for transcript information is done two terms after a student studies abroad. This allows time for the transcript to be received and posted.  The information on the transcript is matched to enrollment. Differences in enrollment may result in repayment of unearned aid.

Before You Commit to Studying Abroad

  1. Confirm the cost of your study abroad program and the number of credit hours associated with the program.
  2. Florida Prepaid may be applicable to your program.  Please refer to the UF International Center’s Prepaid page for more information on this process and its required forms.
  3. If you plan to use financial aid funding to cover your study abroad expenses, make sure you have a valid FAFSA on file. The FAFSA can be completed online at
  4. Check with the UF OneStop to determine:
    • You have sufficient financial aid funding to cover the cost of the program. NOTE: If your enrollment for the semester is less than full-time, your financial aid funding could be reduced.
    • You will meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards for the semester you plan to study abroad. If you will not, you will need to submit a Financial Aid and Scholarships petition to request reinstatement of your aid eligibility. The petition can be found on the page of SFA’s website.
    • Make sure you have submitted all requested forms and documents to the UF OneStop. Failure to do so will prevent the disbursement of federal financial aid funding. This information is also available on
    • If you determine you will need additional funding (i.e., PLUS loan, private/alternative loan), please begin the application process prior to your departure. This will ensure the timely notification of your eligibility for this funding.
  5. You are required to enroll in direct deposit. Financial aid refunds will be deposited into your bank account through direct deposit. To sign up, go to the Direct Deposit webpage and sign in with your Gatorlink username and password. Follow the instructions on the screen.

After You Commit to Studying Abroad

NOTE:  A Transient Application for Study Abroad classes is not required.

  1. Register with the University of Florida International Center’s Study Abroad Services ( to make sure that the budget for your selected program is sent to the financial aid office.
  2. Submit a FAFSA at if you would like to be considered for federal grants and loans.
  3. Financial aid advising is available through the OneStop. The UF OneStop is open from 9:00am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) and can be reached via Zoom, Email, Phone or In Person in Criser Hall Room S-107.
  4. Confirm you have sufficient funding to cover your travel expenses until your aid disburses.
    • The start date of your program and available aid will determine when your aid is disbursed. If your program is scheduled to start later than the end of Drop/Add, your aid will be held until closer to your program’s start date.
    • The Study Abroad Budget Worksheet can help you determine if you have enough funds.
  5. Accept all awards through your account on your “Awards and Disbursements” page.
    • First time federal loan borrowers are required to complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note online through
    • For institutional loans (SAFE, Ruge, etc), Promissory Notes and loan information packets will be mailed approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester.
  6. Ensure you have no missing documents by checking your To-Do List at least once a week before you leave the country. Missing information will delay your disbursement. Check with the OneStop if you have any questions before you leave the country.
  7. Sign up for direct deposit through
  8. Complete an online “Student Authorization to Release Financial Information” form at  Completing this form authorizes our office to discuss your financial aid with a representative you select (for example, a parent) in the event you cannot contact our office personally while you are studying abroad.

Scholarships and How to Find Them

  1. Scholarship Finder has general scholarship opportunities.
  2. International Center has scholarship information specifically for study abroad programs. There are also links to Study Abroad Scholarship search engines.

Deadlines vary so please review the individual scholarship deadlines carefully.

Most Asked Aid Questions

  • Will my Bright Futures pay for me to study abroad?
    • Yes, Bright Futures can be applied to a study abroad program if you meet the scholarship requirements.
    • It will disburse at the same per credit hour rate as a UF course.
  • Can I use Prepaid and Bright Futures to study abroad?
    • Yes, the UF International Center will assist you with your Prepaid.
    • Bright Futures will be disbursed based upon the number of enrolled credit hours.
  • Will my Benacquisto Scholarship pay for me to study abroad?
    • Yes, the Benacquisto Scholarship may be applied to a study abroad program if you meet the scholarship requirements.
    • It will provide up to the UF Standard Cost of Attendance.
  • Will my Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarship (MFOS) pay for me to study abroad?
    • Yes, MFOS may be applied to a study abroad program if you meet the scholarship requirements.
    • It will provide up to the UF Standard Cost of Attendance.
  • Will my Pell Grant and other federal grants and loans be applied to a study abroad program?
    • Yes, federal grants and loans may be used for a study abroad program.

Preparation Is the Key

Handling your financial aid situation before you leave the country will ensure that your overseas experience is stress-free. Prepare for your program by reviewing guidelines for aid disbursement with a OneStop adviser. Make sure to meet all deadlines. Before leaving the country, check once again to make sure that your financial aid file is complete and that your aid will disburse on time.

We hope you enjoy your study abroad experience and look forward to assisting you with the preparations for your program.