Receiving Your Aid

Once your application for financial aid at the University of Florida is complete, and you have received your award letter, there may be additional steps required before actually receiving your aid.

If and are part of your financial aid package, no further action is required of you to receive this aid, aside from complying with all relevant enrollment and academic progress requirements.

If are part of your financial aid package, you can either accept, cancel, or reduce loans using https://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduONE.UF. If your loan is a Direct Loan, you are required to complete Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN), both of which can be done on If your loan is a UF Institutional Loan (loans for which UF is the guarantor), you will be required to read, sign, and return loan disclosure documentation to SFA and the Bursar (UB) before any money can be disbursed. The loan disclosure documentation can be found

If is part of your award package, you have the opportunity to exchange a service (work) for financial assistance. In order to receive this aid, you must find a job. Employment comes in two varieties, Federal Work Study (FWS) and Personnel Services (OPS). FWS is need-based aid, while OPS is not. All on-campus jobs are posted through http://jobs.ufl.eduGatorJobs, while off-campus jobs are posted with the https://career.ufl.eduCareer Connections Center.

Some other things to keep in mind: Your Aid Status
Use https://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduONE.UF to check the status of your Financial Aid. https://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduONE.UF is the main way to get information about your financial aid, documents still needed to complete your file, your deferment status, and your disbursement status. Outside Resources Early
You must inform SFA of money or aid you receive that is not listed on your Financial Aid Award Letter from any organization other than our office. Examples include: tuition fee waivers, fellowships, private or state scholarships, Florida Prepaid, or any awards that pay directly to you. Requirements
UF students must enroll at least half time to receive most types of financial aid. Students who enroll for less than full time may have their aid adjusted after the drop/add period.
Students generally receive their financial aid by direct deposit or by mail from University Bursar (UB). Disbursement is after classes begin and as soon as aid is available. UB disburses aid only after verifying enrollment status and making sure students have no financial or academic service indicators, or holds, on their records. Time Borrowers
First-time Direct Loan borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) at
First-time Perkins borrowers must complete Perkins Loan Entrance Counseling. UB will mail you instructions on how to complete the online counseling session. & Fee Deferment
Tuition and fees are due by the University’s published payment deadline, normally the end of the second week of classes. However, qualifying students are able to postpone payment until the deferred fee payment deadline. The assumption with students receiving a deferment is that tuition and fees will be paid once the student’s financial aid disburses.
For help in determining if you qualify for a tuition and fee deferment, please review the & Fee Deferment page or your financial aid adviser. You may also check your deferment status using https://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduONE.UF.
Note: students awarded federal loans must accept those loans before the regular tuition and fee payment deadline in order to qualify for deferment. Literacy Tips
Information filled with hints to manage money at UF.