FAFSA Simplification Act

Simplifying the financial aid application process: the FAFSA Simplification Act is an initiative by the United States Department of Education to make applying for federal student aid easier for students.

The 2024–25 FAFSA form expands eligibility for federal student aid, including Pell Grants, and provides a streamlined user experience. 610,000 new students from low-income backgrounds will be eligible to receive Federal Pell Grants due to updates to student aid calculations. Plus, applicants will be able to skip as many as 26 questions, depending on their individual circumstances. Some applicants could answer as few as 18 questions, which could take less than 10 minutes.

More information on https://www.sfa.ufl.edu/fafsa-simplification/FAFSA Simplification.

https://youtu.be/UOgIb7StyPU?si=DUK2iUKlbs9_Sq0VWhat’s Changed for the 2024–25 FAFSA® Form?