Loan Repayment

When you graduate or your enrollment status is less than half-time, if you have taken out any student loans, you are required to have an Exit Counseling session with The University Bursar (UB) at S-113 Criser. Exit Counseling is conducted through

Educational loans awarded by UF ( Perkins Loans and UF Institutional Loans, such as SAFE Loans) may be repaid in equal or graduated installments. The minimum monthly repayment for Federal Perkins Loans is $40. The university may require a minimum repayment for institutional loans of $30 a month.

Federal Direct Loan Repayment Options

A number of repayment plans are available under the Direct Loan Program. For up-to-date repayment option information, visit the Student Aid site.

  • Standard repayment plan
  • Graduated repayment plan
  • Extended repayment plan
  • Income Contingent Repayment (ICR) Plan
  • Income Based Repayment (IBR)
  • Pay As You Earn Plan
  • Income Sensitive Repayment

Estimate standard monthly payments using SFA’s Repayment Calculator.