UF Bookstore Deferred Payment Program

Students who receive financial aid may be eligible to use the UF Bookstore Deferred Payment Program to obtain books and supplies before financial aid awards are received and classes begin. Usually, this allows for a $500 credit for books and supplies from the UF bookstore per semester for eligible students. More information is available from the https://www.bsd.ufl.edu/textadoption/studentview/viewbysection/DefProg.aspxUF Bookstore. 

The Bookstore Deferred Payment Program is not additional funding for books. Instead, students can purchase books and supplies at the UF Bookstore before financial aid disburses, but will use financial aid funds that have already been awarded to pay for these charges. Charges from your purchases at the bookstore will be placed on your student account and will be paid when your financial aid disburses. Students will be responsible for any unpaid UF Bookstore charges on their accounts after financial aid has disbursed. 

Eligible students who have been awarded an Academic Scholar Bright Futures award will have a $300 educational supplies stipend for the 2018-19 fall and spring semesters that will be disbursed with their Bright Futures scholarship. Students who have a Bright Futures Academic Scholar award can use the UF Bookstore Deferred Payment Program to purchase books and supplies and their payment for these supplies will usually be deferred until their financial aid is disbursed.

Please email mailto:deferments@bsd.ufl.edudeferments@bsd.ufl.edu with additional questions about the UF Bookstore Deferred Payment Program.