Check Your Aid Status

Use ONE.UF to Track Your Aid File

All students receiving financial aid are responsible for keeping track of their aid file and awards through, including providing information still needed to complete their file.

On, under “Financial Aid” under the correct award year, you can choose from:

  • Aid Status (deferment, missing documents, verification, financial aid academic progress, etc)
  • Awards and Disbursements (review your award; accept, cancel, and reduce work and loan programs awards; report additional aid)
  • Additional Aid Reporting (select to report additional aid not listed on your aid award; you can also do this on the Awards and Disbursements page). on YouTube

Expect Financial Aid E-Mails

Check your Gatorlink e-mail daily for important financial aid correspondence. SFA uses email as the primary way to communicate with financial aid applicants and recipients.

SFA also generates e-mails directly from your aid file to alert you to requirements you have yet to complete. These e-mails often provide a link directly to

Types of financial aid e-mails include:

  • Financial Aid Awards and Revised Awards
  • Financial Aid Follow-Up Letters
  • Direct Loan Correspondence (e.g.: entrance counseling)
  • Academic Progress Notifications
  • Verification Notifications
  • Requests for Additional Documentation


SFA sends business e-mails directly to your e-mail address. Be sure your GatorLink e-mail address is correctly configured to receive UF business correspondence. To check your GatorLink configurations, go to the http://www.gatorlink.ufl.eduGatorLink website.

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