Graduate Students

UF offers financial aid for graduate students, including employment and loan programs. Graduate students should begin by applying for aid, using on the Web.
For fellowship or assistantship applications, applications for admission, and application deadlines, contact the chairperson of your department.


For most financial aid programs at UF, you must:

Note: Students enrolled in graduate certificate programs are not eligible for federal student aid.  Students enrolled in approved graduate certificate programs may be eligible for Alternative loans.

Grants, Loans & Employment

Programs designed specifically for graduate students include: loans are available to students who are not eligible for financial aid or who need additional funds, beyond PLUS loans, to meet educational expenses.

Graduate Assistantships & Fellowships School Fellowships are premier awards for newly enrolled PhD and MFA students and provide four years (three for MFA) of support, including full tuition, plus a nationally competitive stipend. All packages include at least one year of a graduate research or teaching assistantship. Interested applicants should contact the academic unit for information. Fellowships are supplemental awards to help recruit truly exceptional graduate students. Currently enrolled students are not eligibile, except when entering a PhD program. Supplemental stipends are normally $2,000-4,000. For more information, visit Student Support: Funding or contact your major academic unit.

Scholarships’s Scholarship Search Engine contains a comprehensive database of college-awarded scholarships and aid for graduate students. From the search terms, simply choose “Degree,” then “Graduate.” Office of Graduate Student Support & Engagement

Within the UF Graduate School, the Office of Graduate Student Support & Engagement coordinates special programs, events, and funding opportunities aimed at recruiting, mentoring, and retaining graduate students.

Reporting Aid to SFA

Students applying for loans or work through SFA should understand that fellowships, fee waivers, and health insurance benefits are considered part of a student’s financial aid package, and as such, affect eligibility for aid through SFA. Students must report all such aid on https://one.uf.eduONE.UF using the “Additional Aid Reporting” page.

Students who accept an assistantship, fellowship or traineeship must receive graduate school approval before accepting other employment.

Other Resources