Applying : Verification

Each year, about 30 percent of students’ financial aid applications nationwide are chosen for verification, a process of confirming data supplied by the applicant and/or parents on aid applications. The verification process also helps UF resolve discrepancies on students’ aid applications. UF participates in the Federal Quality Assurance Program which allows us to establish our own verification criteria and determine which student files must be verified. Because of this, you should disregard any statement on your Federal Student Aid Report that you are being verified.

If your application is selected for verification or quality assurance, or if there are discrepancies on your aid application information, you will receive an email from us alerting you to check your financial aid status on ISIS to determine what documents to provide.

Aid funds cannot be disbursed to you until you have submitted all requested documents and the accuracy of your information has been checked. Do not submit any documents unless we request that you do so. The verification process can take six weeks or longer.


  • turn in all documents requested by SFA as soon as possible.
  • be sure all documents are signed.
  • be sure your name and UFID and/or Social Security number are on all documents you submit.
  • keep photocopies of all information you submit and record the date you send in the documents.
  • keep photocopies of all W-2s and request an IRS tax return transcript to keep on hand.

To request a Tax Return Transcript and/or W-2 information, call the IRS at 1-800-908-9946 or go online to You may print your Tax Return Transcript by using this link.

The IRS has provided a handy guide for students and parents who need to request a tax return transcript. You can download it here.

Do Not

  • submit incomplete or illegible documents; if you do, they will be returned to you with a request for acceptable forms, causing a delay in processing your aid.
  • submit photocopies of income tax forms—per federal regulation, these can no longer be accepted. Official IRS tax return transcripts must be submitted if income verification is requested.
  • forget to sign your forms.
  • submit any documentation unless requested by SFA.

Verification Procedures

A copy of SFA’s verification procedures is available as a downloadable .pdf here.