Applying : Summer Aid

If you will be attending school during the Summer semester, you can apply to receive available summer financial aid. To apply for summer financial aid, go to ISIS, click on Financial Aid for the appropriate summer term, choose ‘Aid Status,’ and complete the instructions found at ‘Summer Financial Aid Request.’

Please note that Bright Futures funding is disbursed for fall and spring terms. Funds are not available for summer awards, with the sole exception of Innovation Academy students.

Enrollment Determines WHEN Summer Aid is Disbursed

The term(s) for which you request financial aid–Summer A, B, and/or C–and the number of hours for which you enroll in those terms determine WHEN you receive your aid funds–during Summer A or B.

  • Most aid programs require that you enroll at least half-time. Undergraduates are considered full-time if enrolled for at least 12 credit hours, half-time if enrolled for at least six credit hours. Graduate students are considered full-time if enrolled for at least eight credit hours, half-time if enrolled for at least four credit hours.
  • Federal Work-Study students must enroll for at least six credit hours in Summer A and/or C to be eligible to work during Summer A, or be enrolled for a minimum of three credit hours in Summer A and be preregistered for a minimum of three credit hours in Summer B.
  • If enrollment in Summer A and/or C is less than half-time, disbursement of all aid except Federal Work-Study will be delayed until the beginning of Summer B, regardless of whether the student preregisters for Summer B.
  • If overall summer enrollment is less than full-time after Summer B Drop/Add, budgets will be revised to reflect the reduced costs, and financial aid will be adjusted as necessary.

UF Policy on Summer Attendance

The academic year at UF consists of three semesters beginning with fall and ending with summer. Freshmen and sophomores entering the State University System must complete at least nine credit hours during a summer session to graduate, with the exception of the student who earns nine credit hours via the Bright Futures acceleration mechanism. SFA supports this requirement, and summer money may be offered if:

  1. federal or institutional funds remain for summer awards after fall and spring semester needs are met; or
  2. you choose to attend summer session instead of one of the other two semesters (for instance, attend fall and summer semesters and work spring semester) and you are awarded for fall/spring initially and notify us of your decision to attend summer instead of fall or spring. Students should go to ISIS, click on the appropriate academic year, then “Aid Status,” and complete the Summer Aid Request. See enrollment requirements for receiving aid.

To apply for Summer 2015 financial aid: Use a 2014-15 FAFSA.

To apply for Summer 2016 financial aid: Use a 2015-16 FAFSA.

For more information, please contact a financial aid adviser.

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