Aid-a-Gator FAQs

How do I apply for emergency money due to recent hurricanes?
Students should complete the Student Aid-a-Gator Application for Emergency Disaster Relief. Completed applications must be received by UF Student Financial Affairs.

Can I apply without coming into the Student Financial Affairs’ office in Criser Hall?
In addition to dropping off applications in S107 Criser Hall, completed application can be sent by mail, fax or can be emailed to the student’s SFA financial aid adviser. Contact information for your financial aid adviser is available on SFA’s page.

Does this emergency funding apply to graduate students?
Graduate students are eligible, however graduate assistants (this includes medical and veterinary residents), post-doctoral fellows and associates must apply as employees via the and Staff Aid-a-Gator program.

What constitutes eligible “storm related” expenses to quality for emergency funding?
This could apply to a variety of financial costs directly tied to the effects of recent hurricanes and their aftermath that are straining UF students. This could include money spent to replace food lost during power outages, clothing or textbooks destroyed in flooding, emergency child care due to extended school closures, etc.

Do I have to repay an Aid-a-Gator grant?
Typically, you would not have to repay the amount awarded to you. The Aid-a-Gator program is designed to be a grant, not a loan. However, if you submit to your insurance company, FEMA, or another disaster relief program a request for reimbursement for the same costs detailed in your Aid-a-Gator application, and you are subsequently reimbursed for those costs, the University asks that you donate that amount back into Aid-a-Gator. This way, more students, faculty and staff can receive assistance and benefit from this program.

Where are the funds coming from? Is there some sort of disaster relief fund?
The University of Florida has received private funding, including a generous donation from the Southeastern Conference (SEC). In addition, fund raising efforts for the Aid-A-Gator relief fund continue.

What is the process like to determine need? What do students have to do? 
Students can submit the application to the Office of Student Financial Affairs. Each application will be reviewed based on individual needs.

How will SFA disburse the money?
Relief funding will be disbursed through the University of Florida’s direct deposit.

How much money is available for each applicant?
Students can receive up to $1500 but must provide a signed statement describing their circumstances along with supporting documentation.

What documentation is required to be submitted with the application?
This will depend on the individual claim. However, you should provide any documentation that is relevant to the specific financial need and hardship you experienced as a direct result of the hurricane and its aftermath. Consider submitting copies of bills/letters/paid invoices/receipts, photographs of damage, and proof of ownership of damaged items.

Has this ever happened before?
In 2017, this program was implemented for Hurrican Irma.

Who made the decision to make these funds available and why?  
The University of Florida administration made the decision based on the serious nature of these disasters and their impacts on our students.

How can students obtain more information about the Aid-a-Gator program?
Information is available from the Office for Student Financial Affairs, S107 Criser Hall, (352) 392-1275, or online at

Who is eligible?
All UF students are eligible for consideration.