Changes to Contact Information GatorLink Page  Keep your mailing address up to date with the University Directory each time you change your physical address to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving checks and correspondence. UF maintains a University Directory which is used for mailing all official documents. SFA and the University Bursar mail all financial aid correspondence to addresses listed in the University directory. Students are responsible for keeping their current and local addresses up-to-date with the University at all times.

Use https://one.uf.eduhttps://one.uf.eduONE.UF to keep your address up to date with the University Directory.

Keep your local and permanent addresses up to date. Make sure you get and read your UF mail.

Keep Your Address Up to Date with the Federal Processor

If your address changes during the year, update it with the the federal processor. They use it to mail Student Aid Reports, electronic PINs, etc. The U.S. Department of Education does not permit PINs to be forwarded. Use on the Web.

GatorLink email

Once registered, you will receive important financial aid business correspondence at your GatorLink email address. Check your GatorLink email daily. Current UF policy allows students to forward their GatorLink email to another account—students doing this should develop strategies to ensure that their official UF correspondence isn’t getting buried amongst their personal correspondence.

Financial aid emails may include: financial aid award notices, follow-up letters, direct loan correspondence, academic progress notifications, verification notifications, and requests for additional documentation.

More information about GatorLink can be found at the GatorLink Page.
Be sure that your GatorLink email address is correctly configured to receive SFA and UF business correspondence.