FAFSA Help Desk Sessions in February

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

The Office for Student Financial Affairs is pleased to announce our annual FAFSA Help Desk Sessions, coming to a residence hall near you.

Each week in February, SFA staff will be tabling in a different residence hall. Students can talk to financial aid professionals directly about any aspect of the financial aid process, but these help sessions are focused primarily on helping students complete their FAFSAs before the March 15 deadline.

Date Residence Hall Time
February 5 Broward 10:00-2:00
February 6 Broward 10:00-2:00
February 7 Broward 10:00-2:00
February 12 Murphree 10:00-2:00
February 13 Murphree 10:00-2:00
February 14 Murphree 10:00-2:00
February 19 Beaty 10:00-12:00
February 19 Jennings 12:30-2:00
February 20 Beaty 10:00-12:00
February 20 Jennings 12:30-2:00
February 21 Beaty 10:00-12:00
February 21 Jennings 12:30-2:00
February 26 Graham 10:00-2:00
February 27 Graham 10:00-2:00
February 28 Graham 10:00-2:00

Remember, March 15 is UF’s ‘On-Time’ Application deadline for 2013-14 financial aid. UF must have received the results of your FAFSA with a valid Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the Feds by the March 15 deadline. Students missing the deadline are eligible only for aid which remains after on-time students have been awarded.

Don’t settle for leftovers when it comes to financial aid.